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Enumerator (based in Turkey) (deadline: 25 Aug 2020)

Seefar is seeking to assemble a team of seven individuals to conduct in-depth interviews as part of a large scale quantitative study on best practices in Irregular Migration Information Campaigns in Turkey. The overall objective of this survey is to assess the campaign’s impact on potential migrants, migrants in transit, and returnees on migration plans, awareness of the risks of the irregular migration journey and potential legal alternatives. This study is expected to measure project impact, sustainability and relevance and inform learning and accountability for future awareness raising campaigns.

This is a part-time role and the enumerator must be based in Turkey as he/she will need to conduct phone surveys.  As part of the assignment, the Enumerator may be required to participate in briefings held by the Local Research Coordinator, carry out data collection, data entry and/or reporting. The person must also be available from August 1 to September 18. This is a part-time short-term consultancy.

English fluency is required, and knowledge of one or more of the following languages is favourable: Dari, Pashto, Kurdish (Sorani), Bengali, Urdu

Job Description

We are a social enterprise with a mission to work with vulnerable people to build a better future. We specialize in justice, migration and social inclusion. Our expertise is in strategic communications, counselling, consulting, monitoring and evaluation, and research. We work in East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, East Africa, North Africa, the Sahel and Europe. For more information about us, please visit http://seefar.org/about-us

This role demands someone who is smart, intrinsically motivated, worldly and interested in hard challenges. Seefar has a track record for delivering research, consulting, program design and evaluations and strategic communications projects, including on migration and human trafficking issues. To get a sense of the services we specialise in at Seefar, please visit http://seefar.org/services

We are looking for someone with: 

  • Experience carrying out quantitative research and/ or surveys 
  • Computer literacy and access to the internet and laptop or electronic device (phone)
  • Experience in data collection, administering questionnaires and conducting interviews, data collection and data entry
  • Substantive community-based work experience
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Be able to write effectively to communicate relevant information
  • English fluency
  • Be based in Turkey 

The following are the primary responsibilities of the role:

  • Participate in a training prior to the assignment taking place and learn about the project and how to do your work.
  • Generate a list of 143 phone numbers based on target audience of the campaign & methodology. 
  • Conduct 70 surveys over the period of August- September with transit migrants
  • Conducting and uploading your completed surveys using the KoBo Toolbox application on your smartphone. Surveys should be uploaded daily. A survey is “completed” only when the research manager agrees that the quality is adequate. In the case of disputes, the project manager will make a final decision.
  • All surveys to be carried out and uploaded successfully by 18th of September.
  • Five of the enumerators are to carry out one in-depth interview as directed. 
  • Providing feedback/observations about the data collection process, including any concerns with implementation, especially with factors that may affect the reliability of the data.
  • Maintain an open line of communication with your supervisor and be available for meetings (remote/online and in-person).

The Enumerator’s contract is on a need-for-work basis and is not a full-time role. You will be compensated 14 USD per each successfully completed survey. A lump sum to cover communication costs for the 70 surveys will be provided.

To apply for this Role

On or before the 25th of August, please email your CV for consideration to both [email protected] and [email protected]