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Operations Manager – Afghanistan (deadline: 26 Mar 2019)

The Operation Manager will be working under the supervision of the Director of Operations. In this role, you are responsible for administering/overseeing the compliance requirements of the company including accounting, reporting, taxes, and HR/payroll services. The role will be based in our office in Kabul, Afghanistan, and some travel may be required. The duration of the role is six months, with the possibility for an extension.

Job Description

In Afghanistan, we operate as a consultancy firm. We provide management consultancy services, specifically geared to the development sector. Our expertise is in the areas of strategic communications, counselling, consulting, monitoring and evaluation, and research. As a subsidiary of Seefar, we operate under the principles of a social enterprise, which means that our business and corporate values are ultimately geared towards services that help vulnerable people to build a better future. Globally, Seefar specialises in justice, migration and social inclusion. We work in East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, East Africa, North Africa, the Sahel and Europe. For more information about us, please visit http://seefar.org/about-us

You must be a dynamic person with an eye for detail who can manage your time and competing priorities effectively. You are someone who is intrinsically motivated and interested in problem-solving.

In this role, you will support and maintain effective overall controls for the subsidiary’s operations, ensuring the systems, contractors and practices are in line with country regulations as well as Seefar’s global policies. You will do this by working under the guidance of the Director of Operations, procuring and maintaining external services as required and as best fit for the company.  Specifically, you will be responsible for providing the following services:

  • Internal Controls – Develop and maintain systems for payments, banking, tax and payroll.
  • Entity Management – Maintain the Afghanistan subsidiary arrangements to enable Seefar to operate efficiently.
  • Compliance – Oversee compliance requirements to local authorities in accordance with tax, manpower and Foreign Investment Company regulations.
  • Support – Provide support to the Country Manager and Afghanistan team in day-to-day operations of the subsidiary.


This role will require someone who is smart, resourceful, self-motivated, self-sufficient, interested in hard challenges, highly flexible and adaptable.


The following are the primary responsibilities of the role, with estimated allocations of time and attention.

Deliver: Organisation Support Services

Approximately 60% of your time and attention:

  • Lead the Operations to deliver administrative and operational services for Seefar’s office in Afghanistan including:
    • In close cooperation with Seefar’s Finance Manager, manage accounting and finances for the Afghanistan subsidiary, including:
      • Bookkeeping management, generating documents and reports for compliance and audits, maintaining bank transactions, administration, tracking balance and cash flow, including analysis of performance for the subsidiary.
      • Maintain systems for cash handling, purchasing, payments, banking, and payroll. Preparing payroll registers and reports.
    • Maintain relations with relevant government officials and departments, representing Seefar as required
    • Government and regulatory reporting on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis to, amongst others, local tax authorities, and manpower authorities
    • Legal, administrative, tax and human resource compliance and review
    • Contract management, including managing contracts for personnel, consultants, and contracts with donors, firms and partners. This includes procuring external service providers and consultants where required for tax reporting, auditing, HR, payroll, etc.
    • Identify human resource needs, and initiate and manage recruitment processes when needed.

Develop: Improvements to Corporate Services

Approximately 30% of your time and attention:

  • Analyse operational compliance to identify opportunities to improve, staying abreast with new regulations and rules and implementing adjustments required to maintain compliance
  • Participate in the development and testing for corporate processes and systems, as well as the roll-out of new corporate processes. This includes reviewing legal requirements and suitable systems, adapting these into our current systems, developing new SOPs, and mentoring personnel on compliance requirements.
  • Work with the Operations Team and Country Manager to identify current and future needs in corporate services, then prepare the systems to meet those needs ensuring they are fit for purpose, user-focused and best in class.

Direct: Global Management

  • Represent and demonstrate Enterprise’s values.
  • Corporate representation of Seefar in Afghanistan.

Approximately 10% of your time and attention:

  • Contribute as a member of the Operations team, including to designing and implement systems for the Afghanistan Office.
  • Cooperate with other areas of the Enterprise, including to communicate substantive and administrative information that supports corporate management overall. For example, this would include ensuring effective internal reporting at the subsidiary level or internal procedures relating to compliance.

Your role may require you to travel. Examples include:

  • Attending face-to-face meetings of the Operations team, which could take place overseas in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka or Belgium.

Working with Seefar

Current and former personnel have noted the points below as positive features of Seefar’s work environment and culture:

  • The Enterprise combines entrepreneurialism with a focus on social impact.
  • You work with highly diverse people and across a diversity of contexts.
  • There is a high level of trust that supports you to work autonomously.
  • The people in the Enterprise encourage innovation and experimentation.
  • Achieving results is prioritised over rigid structures and workflows.
  • You are never bored and always challenged.

Current and former personnel have noted the points below as negative features of Seefar’s work environment and culture:

  • Collaborating with geographically dispersed teams requires flexibility and patience.
  • Working remotely can make you feel isolated and so requires you to invest time in communication.
  • Travel schedules can sometimes be heavy.
  • A high-growth phase means problem-solving as the Enterprise’s systems evolve quickly.

An Excellent Candidate

To excel in this role, you will have more than 5 years working in a similar role, where your responsibilities in the field of corporate services were diverse. You have knowledge and experience in navigating tax, human resources, operational and financial compliance in Afghanistan. Your experience allows you to identify needs and what works for companies of our size and where corporate services requires development and improvements. You will be motivated by an Enterprise performance framework focused on social impact. You will need to be flexible in dealing with diversity of tasks: some of your responsibilities require analysing broad compliance requirements and regulations; other responsibilities require you to drill into details of preparing reports and setting up systems and processes.

To succeed in this position, you would start with the following:

  • You adapt to changes in your project or job, staying productive and keeping focused on goals.
  • Degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, or a similar field
  • Strong computer and internet skills, with experience using administrative, financial and/or HR software and proficiency in the use of spreadsheets
  • Strong administration skills and a track record of devising and maintaining corporate systems and processes for admin and operations, bookkeeping, payroll, tax and audit reporting
  • Knowledge of general procedures in Afghanistan relating to tax, auditing, human resources and business operations with familiarity of business and accounting terms such as profit, assets, liabilities, etc. Experience with international organisation is advantageous.
  • Attention to detail, natural inquisitiveness and willingness to seek out and analyse information
  • Ability to effectively manage time, ability to meet deadlines consistently, and work under pressure
  • Strong skills in organization and planning, demonstrated ability to work independently and exercise sound judgment and problem solving
  • Innovative and creative, seeking continuous improvement to internal processes
  • Service oriented
  • Working oral and written English skills

To apply for this Role

On or before 26 March 2019, complete our online application form. Before you start, you should do the following:

  1. Confirm you meet these minimum requirements:
    1. Have a degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, or a similar field
    2. At least 5 years of relevant experience
    3. Knowledge of general procedures in Afghanistan relating to tax, auditing, human resources and business operations, experience with international organisations is an advantage
    4. Prior success with executive responsibilities
    5. A track record in providing corporate services
    6. Motivation to work with an organisation driven by social impact
    7. Working knowledge of oral and written, Dari, Pashto and English.
  2. Prepare a CV in Word or PDF format.
  3. In Word or PDF format, prepare an introductory letter that includes only the following:
    1. One to three paragraphs describing your skills in providing administrative, accounting and financial support and examples of projects where you have used these skills.
    2. One to three paragraphs describing your experience with business administration and handling of tax, auditing, human resources and operations.
    3. One paragraph explaining why you are motivated to apply for this role.

Note: Your English language skills will be judged based on what you write in your introductory letter and it will become the expected standard.