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Understanding better how to improve cooperation with related countries and frontline officers. After finishing this threat assessment, I can see how to strengthen law enforcement in border areas.
Official in the Chinese Ministry of Security
Implementation of the project helped me to start constructional and educational tasks in the village and convince my friends to join constructional team.
Community Leader Jalalabad, Afghanistan
People with disabilities that knew nothing about websites was able to learn quick and acquire knowledge from this project to be able to manage a website. I also got more confidence in working together with other organizations from Indonesia, even international. My family will have future, my children and Kokoda children will go to school able to access health services..
Beneficiary in Indonesia
Thanks for this project, it is important for youths in my country to be aware of the risks and struggles of the journey.
Belil, Kurdistan
It's very good and important to give support for the migrants to be in a secure and peaceful way than to be living in an unsecured way.
Muhammadou, Nigeria
Good project, we Nigerian ppl need something like this to be well informed. Kudos.
Kotra Shinakan, Nigeria
I am better informed about my options. I am less restless now because previously I was just thinking about going to Europe as soon as I can. Now, I can weigh my options better. Even if I do not go to Europe, I can find ways to live safely and grow here in Africa. For example, some of my friends have gone to Angola for work and they are doing well.
Eritrean migrant, currently living in Kampala, Uganda
Now I am aware about all troubles which may see in transit countries.  You are doing fabulous work as much more people are aware about above issues also I got more information from you, so more changes came to my life, either I knew no way to leave the homeland.
Bealfan, Ethiopia
Before when people wanted to send their son to foreign countries they sell their houses and earth for going to a foreign country but when a member of SEEFAR project described the problems they try to find job for their self in own country.
Beneficiary in Kabul, Afghanistan
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