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Meet some of our team

Migration Program Coordinator

I am based in the South of France where I’m also from. Sadly, I don’t live close to the ocean! I love working at Seefar because we really make a positive impact on the issues or in the communities we work with. Moreover, my background is in gender and conflict and our programmes strongly take gender into consideration when they are designed or implemented. I enjoy working remotely because I have the freedom and flexibility to organise my work and schedule the way I prefer. I never feel isolated as I’m constantly in direct contact (via Skype) with passionate colleagues and team members from all over the world.

Head of Strategic Communications

From my base in Vietnam, I head up Seefar’s strategic communications team, overseeing and implementing communication campaigns and projects on migration, human trafficking and modern slavery. I studied international relations and have previously worked for the UN, various non-profits and several PR agencies in Geneva and London, before I moved to Vietnam. At Seefar, no day is the same. One day I will be working with the insights team to translate research findings into a campaign strategy and the next day I will be working with creative colleagues to develop a radio spot that communicates an important issue to a local community.

Security & Justice Program Manager

Born in Bangladesh, became a British citizen, and now based in Italy I embody many cultures. After 10 years as a lawyer in the UK, I decided to spend a year overseas before settling back in London. A decade later and I’m still not back ‘home’. Instead I’ve helped develop and implement Security and Justice initiatives in conflict and post-conflict countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe working with the EU, OSCE, UN and DFID. The need for justice and security is universal – but the answer to how best to strengthen it is deeply contextual. Within my role at Seefar, I have the chance to design and implement programs that use innovative solutions to persistent problems, and work closely with colleagues with expertise across our range of themes. I would summarise our approach as ‘Do good. Do better.’

Senior Migration Analyst

I design and implement mixed methods research projects to shed light on some of the most difficult issues in irregular migration and human trafficking. The research team specializes in collecting and analyzing sensitive data in tough environments, which means the work is demanding but highly satisfying. Ultimately, all our efforts are aligned with our social mission statements, and it is incredibly motivating to work with other skilled professionals towards real solutions that help vulnerable people. I work from home in Nairobi, but take advantage of the flexible working environment to spend time during the year with family in London and Mumbai.

Graphic Designer

Other than the Social Media Manager, my job has the least travel of any of the members of the team. Yet, it’s so satisfying to know that people in other countries can see and understand the visual language that I use. After a few years in various private sector organisations, I found my true calling in development. I have worked for programs on issues of education, gender, poverty reduction, health, sanitation, environment, and public policy. As I am based in the capital city of Indonesia, working remotely at Seefar greatly enables me to make better use of my time (and my right brain). I won’t even start to write about how awesome the people and the values at Seefar are. You’ll never read the end of it.

Project Manager

I was born in the US, raised mostly in Indonesia and lived in four different countries. Since I joined Seefar, I oversaw the implementation of two projects in Indonesia; one about providing accurate information to domestic female migrant workers, and the other about strengthening minority group in policy advocacy and psycho-social trauma healing. During my short time with Seefar and due to its nature of working remotely, I feel like I have learned a lot about time management, as well as project management and its tools. Even though my background is in urban planning, I have always been interested in migration issues and working with Seefar has broadened my knowledge on that front. With Seefar, you get to meet with a lot of people from all around the world and learn so many exciting new things!  “The possibilities are endless…”

Senior Program Assistant

Greetings from Harare, Zimbabwe. What I love the most about working at Seefar is that it allows me to interact with people from various parts of the world and all walks of life in both the projects I work in and places I have traveled to. This experience has not only opened my eyes but has also given me a sense of satisfaction in knowing that I am playing my part in making a positive impact in the world. I work as Senior Program Assistant. In this role, I offer coordination support to the various projects in the Migration Team. I hold qualifications in Psychology and Business Administration, and this combination of social sciences and management has allowed me to fit perfectly into my role. Working remotely has been a dream for me as it gives me the flexibility to plan my work better as well as to choose interesting locations to work from.

Finance Manager

From Indonesia, I manage Seefar’s finances and financial systems. I ensure that personnel and project team members are supported to deliver Seefar’s vision and impact. Since earning my degree in accounting in 2001, I have worked for various not-for-profit organizations and became engaged in issues like human rights, health, and conservation. At Seefar, I feel very proud of being part of a team that comes from such diverse backgrounds and experiences. This gives me the opportunity to learn about the issues Seefar is working on to improve the lives of vulnerable people across so many countries. For me, being able to apply my knowledge and experience to create meaningful change for many people is what I want to do. Seefar has enabled me to fulfill my objective and my ideals.

Senior Research Analyst

100% Czech national, I have spent almost 50% of my life abroad. With a degree in international law and politics, I found my favorite technical expertise in data analysis and data management. Based in Morocco, I design and implement the quantitative components of our mixed methods research projects. Migration and human trafficking are topics that have driven my entire professional life and I feel lucky to share the same commitment and care with amazing colleagues. I enjoy the freedom of working remotely and enjoy even more traveling to different countries to meet with them in person. We brainstorm together on how to best advance our missions in challenging but feasible and ethical ways so that the most vulnerable people have concrete solutions and more opportunities to benefit from a better and brighter future.

Senior Research Analyst

Born and raised in the Boston area, I started my career working with students on social justice educational programs in Doha. Being exposed to the complexities of migrant labor – and the vulnerabilities of workers to abuse – motivated me to pursue a Master of Public Policy with a focus on migration and displacement. Since graduate school, I have channeled that interest into field research on IDPs in Afghanistan, humanitarian policy for the UN, and more recently being a part of Seefar’s dynamic research team. With Seefar, it’s been very exciting to design and analyze data from impact-oriented research projects to benefit vulnerable people. I find working on such interesting subject matter – and working with such passionate colleagues – to be extremely rewarding.

Migration Deputy Program Manager

After 7 years of working on policy most recently on development, I relished the opportunity to move to Seefar. It was too easy to get caught up in theoretical discussions about the impact of EU policies on people’s lives while here in Brussels. Now I get to work on migration and modern slavery projects that really help to improve the lives of vulnerable people– and that is extremely rewarding. With a degree Zoology and having worked with various Non-Profits covering issues from social justice to anti-corruption, my experience and interests are broad. Seefar’s approach to tackling real problems allows me to maximize my experience and interest. No two days are the same at Seefar – the only thing that doesn’t change is the dedication of my colleagues based across the world.

Migration Program Officer

I was born in Addis Ababa/Capital city of Ethiopia and still living there. My background is in Sociology and Social Anthropology and specialized in Anthropology of Migration. I have participated in different research assignments on different social issues like Migration, Food security, Resilience etc. I am working as a Migration Program Officer at Seefar for a project about awareness and irregular migration to the Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia. I am more involved in facilitating proper communication between the field team and the core team and also make sure the work is done for the specific project. At first, I wouldn’t think working with people virtually could be done this easy; but the team in Seefar made things goes smoothly with a cooperative spirit in everything we do. In my spare time, I enjoy reading historical books.

Director of Services

I was born in Oxfordshire in the UK and also spent some time growing up on the Isle of Man. I’ve been living in sub-Sahara Africa for close to 10 years now and call Botswana home. As Director of Services, I’m currently focussed on ways we can improve our efficiency and effectiveness, in particular regarding research, strategic communications and counselling. We’re exploring options for increasing our counselling services and different ways we can use these skills in terms of irregular migration and CVE. I found that everyone has been really open, friendly and very happy to help. There is a real sense of ownership and commitment to Seefar and its mission. Everyone works really hard and takes their work seriously but there is still humour and support.

IT Development Coordinator

I was born and raised in Cirebon, Indonesia and now live in Jakarta. I am the IT Development Coordinator, and I work on all of the IT needs across the organization. Previously, I worked in the private sector and then got the opportunity to work in the development sector with Seefar. I like the team spirit here, we all support each other, giving feedback, which gives us the opportunity to evolve and learn. It’s been very challenging at first because I didn’t feel I was an expert but Seefar gave me the opportunity to grow, develop and improve my skills.

Project Coordinator

Born and raised in Nigeria, the bulk of my career has been in the development sector, which offers me the rare privilege to be a solution provider addressing some of the world’s challenges. I am passionate about providing social safety nets for African girls and women in areas of education, economic empowerment, and emergency preparedness. I have worked with international and local stakeholders to provide school libraries for youths, primary healthcare centers, and emergency trauma centers in disadvantaged communities in Nigeria. My work as a Project Coordinator at Seefar gives me the flexibility to work autonomously in a fast-paced, high-growth and collaborative environment. In my spare time, I leverage my training in gender development, management, and computer science, mentoring young girls to be the best version of themselves.

Simonetta Bozhinova
Migration Program Officer

I was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria and as my original dream of becoming an astronaut failing, I had to settle for a lawyer. I specialized in international criminal law in four different jurisdictions. Along the way I encountered a common trend- people on the move, struggling and having their basic human rights violated. I spent the last several years working on displacement issues in the MENA region and the Balkans. I provided legal advice to migrants in Bulgaria, did advocacy work on refugee rights in Palestine and managed emergency humanitarian aid projects in Iraq. I’ve found my “home” at the Seefar migration program which allows me to work on various issues in various countries with various amazing people. I am currently managing a project spanning two continents and three countries from a library in Dublin. My favourite part of working with Seefar is the shared sense of purpose we all have.

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, I have the privilege of leading our incredibly hard-working operations team. Our goal is to ensure Seefar systems, processes and operating procedures support our staff around the world. As a systems geek, I enjoy the constant challenge of creating solutions that help people do their jobs easier. It is thrilling to work with so many people who are committed to what they do and are not afraid of hard work. Because of that, real change happens for the people with whom we work. I am honored to play a supporting role in that change from my current home base in the Southern US.

Online and Social Media Officer

Based in Istanbul, I am originally from Syria. I joined Seefar in December 2016, since then every day has been a new challenging journey.
My work is focused on the technical side of online and social media parts of our communications campaigns. 
Although we work remotely, Seefarians always make you feel the team spirit from all over the world. I am honored to work with such a dedicated team.
I have also worked online with amazing local teams in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Nigeria, The Gambia and Iraqi Kurdistan.
Reading the everyday news on migration, and modern slavery is hard but it has helped me a lot to understand the difficulties and struggles of thousands of people who go through this every day. I hope that one day we will live in a better world, where we realize that as humans ‘united we stand, divided we fall’.

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