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The Seefar Foundation launches Climate Change Program

Accelerating Carbon Drawdown – Call for Concept Notes and Consultants

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Clarification Questions

The Seefar Foundation needs partners able to deliver a range of climate positive initiatives across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Specifically, we want to hear from organisations and individuals with a track record or expertise in at least one of the following:
  • Rewilding at scale
  • Low carbon regenerative plant-based agriculture and/or Biocyclic Farming
  • Industrial vermicomposting
  • Permanent carbon sequestration
  • Supporting populations to adopt low-animal-product diets (especially in middle and high income countries)
  • Removing plastic from supply chains
  • Producing low-cost and reliable electric transport for middle-income countries
  • Mobilising communities for environmental initiatives
  • Low tech water desalination
  • Family planning and educating girls in low and middle income countries
  • Moonshots


The Seefar Foundation works in more than 30 countries with some of the most vulnerable populations whose situations are impacted more and more by climate change. Climate Change has become a hidden driver of migration, human trafficking, displacement, extremism and social exclusion in many contexts, as well as being one of humanity’s greatest challenges in its own right.


The Seefar Foundation anticipates in 2021 and 2022 being able to enter into partnerships with a range of implementers that are able to deliver the above initiatives with a high impact to cost ratio. We expect to build consortiums to address climate change through the use of the above initiatives using direct commercial contracts or funding through grant mechanisms. Individual funding agreements can be made up to $1m.


At this stage the Seefar Foundation is looking to identify a large number of potential suppliers in as many geographies as possible, through a light-touch pre-qualification round. Shortlisted organisations and individuals will then be contacted and either asked to co-design proposals for funding; or (for individuals) to attend an interview. The Seefar Foundation will provide guidance on focus areas of the co-design to shortlisted organisations asked to submit proposals.


The deadline for receiving all applications is 01:00 Central European Time on February 21st 2021.

DOWNLOAD Call for Concept Notes and Consultants

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To apply as an organisation or consortium:
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To apply as a consultant or individual:
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