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We say what few in our industry will: it is difficult to assess the value of consulting assignments in the development and security sectors. There is often a lack of accountability for performance and it is hard to link consultant contracts specified in days with program outcomes measured in lives saved, states built or economies transformed.

Reflecting our values, we deliver consulting services where they rely on our demonstrated expertise, provide scope for assessing impact and promote learning. We request specific feedback on every assignment, which is how we know when we are effective and when we are not. We apply our monitoring and evaluation expertise to understand whether our work leads to real-world change.

Based on this understanding, we focus our consulting services on the themes we know and, ideally, the intersection between those themes and our specialist services. We have received strong positive feedback on our ability to deliver advice, tools and templates for program management and on monitoring and evaluation systems. We have a track record of innovating themes and channels in strategic communications campaigns. And we have seen how our combination of structuring big data and performing statistical analysis leads donors to new opportunities for evidence-based decisions.

Here are some examples of how we deploy our consulting services in development and security:

  • Designing and delivering fieldwork research to support rule of law program development
  • Designing a Southeast Asian country’s policy response to address non-traditional security challenges
  • Re-designing results monitoring and risk management for a European government’s largest international development program
  • Identifying recurrent gaps in monitoring and evaluation for programs that aim to counter violent extremism
  • Evaluating an intergovernmental organization’s nine-year strategy and over 500 projects in a conflict-affected country