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Program Design

Our purpose is to work with vulnerable people to build a better future. Program design at Seefar is the process of moving from a vision to a practical plan. We dedicate our program design expertise to two domains:

  1. External consulting in the development and security sectors, to help donors design effective programs
  2. In-house research and development to identify needs and methods

Our approach to designing development programs reflects our dedication to the highest quality of service and humility. Highest quality of service leads us to take on tough problems at the frontiers of knowledge, usually designing programs for remote or conflict-affected people. We are humble in listening to the nuance of contexts, donor requirements and beneficiary ambitions, before we begin building a program in response.

Donors have provided us positive feedback on our ability to fulfil practical objectives while taking account of donor and beneficiaries’ political imperatives. Beneficiaries have endorsed us for working with them – sometimes in difficult conditions – to understand what is needed on the ground. With this understanding, we can identify the necessary monitoring and evaluation tools to build into the program from the start.

Here are some examples of how we deploy our program design expertise:

  • Repeated hiring by national government donors to research and formulate programs for fragile and conflict affected states, worth hundreds of millions of dollars
  • Supporting international NGOs to design and obtain funding for rule of law programs, community security initiatives and police reform programs
  • Designing the monitoring and evaluation framework and tools for a large-scale national program on social inclusion
  • Fieldwork and desk research to design regional programs on topics such as child trafficking, countering violent extremism and modern slavery
  • Deploying rapid surveys to inform strategic communications programs and funding approaches