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Strategic Communications

We conduct strategic communications and behavioural change campaigns in some of the most difficult operating environments in the world. We are known for our ability to measure and deliver impact, rather than simply reporting reach and output. Our campaigns are led by insights into the audience are delivered from within the communities the campaigns serve.

We judge our performance by our social impact. Our approach to strategic communications is distinguished by the research and survey methods we use to inform our strategic communications plans. Our plans become reality because of specialized capabilities to deliver results. And our results are verified because we have models that demonstrate value. We do not communicate for the sake of spending a PR budget – we do so where we have the contextual expertise and we can measure impact.

We provide a full suite of communications services, ranging from mass media campaign design, through social media action, to highly localized behavior change activities. Donors tell us that our strongest advantage is the way we take and test the perspective of individual participants engaged by our campaigns, even when they are in conflict-affected or otherwise restricted environments. From that perspective, we are able to work with our audiences to define messages, content and channels that they find influential, responsive and useful.

We focus our strategic communications services on our priority themes. You will find our methods in use to counter violent extremism, reduce modern slavery, expand education and employment opportunities for marginalized groups, and to assist displaced people. We will often integrate our expertise in counselling with our strategic communications plans, which provides a personalized engagement channel that participants tell us is effective.

Here are some examples of how we deploy our strategic communications services:

  • Social media analysis to inform interactive campaigning
  • Deploying behavior change teams in conflict zones to address risks associated with displacement and migration
  • Production of TV and radio advertising to support mass media campaigns
  • Online engagement with migrant laborers
  • Working with youth vulnerable to human trafficking and modern slavery to address ambitions and risky behaviors