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Humanity has spread outwards to cover the world over tens of thousands of years. Now that we are in every corner of it, growth pushes us closer together. People migrating around this global neighborhood generates tremendous opportunities and big problems. Seefar’s perspective is informed by our presence along migration chains, our specialist tools to understand migration dynamics and our mission to expand opportunities for vulnerable people.

For information on our dedicated expertise in relation to displaced people, modern slavery and human trafficking, please visit those links.

Our donors tell us that our unique advantage comes from taking the migrant’s perspective. Our research and survey methods are focused on discovering how individuals make decisions about migration and how individuals understand their constraints and opportunities. This ranges from an interest in the smuggler-migrant relationship to the perceptions that arise between illegal immigrants and the surrounding community.

With these insights, we aim to magnify the positive impacts of migration and mitigate the downside for migrants, their families and the destination communities they settle in. Feedback from donors has been clear that we work best when we work with individuals and communities – we provide research and policy advice to governments, but a flexible, non-government enterprise like us will stay away from capacity-building or legislative reform programs. Our methods build on our specialties in strategic communications, reducing social exclusion, and addressing social inequality. We provide consulting services on border management and on immigrant and refugee integration.

Here are some examples of how we deploy our expertise in relation to migration:

  • Predictive modelling of migration patterns, based on statistical analysis and in-depth qualitative research
  • Strategic communications to protect migrants from exploitation and to promote integration
  • Program design for donors to address the links between migration and development
  • Consulting on migrant labor recruitment systems
  • Large-scale, mixed-methods survey and research projects to understand migrant intentions and experiences
  • Piloting new methods to improve outcomes for vulnerable people interested in migration