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Security and Justice

Common indicators of vulnerability are a lack of physical security and restricted access to justice. We believe the rule of law should protect the rights and opportunities of vulnerable people as much as it does for anyone else. Our security and justice expertise is built on that perspective. Our approach is to identify what works for our priority populations, then provide niche services that deliver it.

Law enforcement agencies tend to overlook people marginalized by social inequality and social exclusion – unless they are criminals. Marginalized groups also tend to suffer more from violent extremism and from transnational crime. There is no justice in these patterns, but there are opportunities to transform them. We combine our research, monitoring and evaluation, strategic communications and consulting services in challenging environments to promote the rule of law and to work with vulnerable groups on efficient, effective methods of empowerment.

We have demonstrated our security and justice expertise in the niches that connect with other Seefar themes, such as countering violent extremism, modern slavery and social inclusion. Among our priority populations, we assess our progress by measuring changes they perceive and tangible opportunities that spread. At the government level, we provide policy analysis and design with a focus on fragile and conflict-affected countries.

Here are some examples of how we deploy our expertise in relation to security and justice:

  • Preparing program design recommendations to address the links between transnational crime and regional border management arrangements
  • Evaluating law enforcement training programs, particularly in skills related to transnational crime and counter-terrorism
  • Identifying options to promote community security in the face of dire conflict in Syria
  • Working with community groups facing social exclusion as a result of religious differences
  • Reviewing national progress in implementing measures against foreign terrorist fighters
  • Survey research in support of our mission regarding modern slavery and human trafficking