Outreach Officer 
(Deadline: 20 May 2023)

Seefar is seeking two (2) Outreach Officers who will be responsible for organising small events/group workshops in the National Capital region of the Philippines, as well as forging partnerships with local organisations. As an Outreach Officer you must have excellent spoken and written English and Tagalog fluency,  experience in forging partnerships with local organisations, a background in social/community work, and a nuanced understanding of returnee migrants and their situation in the Philippines.  A good grasp of drive (gdoc/gsheets) and experience using apps/technology in general will add value. As an Outreach Officer you must be an excellent problem solver, empathetic, confident, influential and have the ability to work independently. This is a full time position for an initial period of 6 months with a monthly fee of $1000.

Job Description

We are a social enterprise with a mission to work with vulnerable people to build a better future. We specialise in justice, migration and social inclusion. Our expertise is in strategic communications, counselling, consulting, monitoring and evaluation, and research. We work in East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, East Africa, North Africa, the Sahel and Europe. For more information about us, please visit http://seefar.org/about-us

This role demands someone who is smart, intrinsically motivated, worldly and interested in hard challenges. Seefar has a track record for delivering research, consulting, program design and evaluations and strategic communications projects, including on migration and human trafficking issues. To get a sense of the services we specialise in at Seefar, please visit http://seefar.org/services

Selection Criteria

We are looking for someone with: 

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in social work/community engagement.
  • Minimum 1 year experience in organising small events/group workshops.
  • Excellent written and spoken Tagalog and English skills. 
  • Experience in forging partnerships with local organisations.
  • A good grasp in using apps/technology and G-suite.
  • Knowledge of migration issues.


The following are the primary responsibilities of the role:

  • Organising small event and group workshops in the National Capital region
  • Liaising with multiple stakeholders on the ground (partner agencies, governments, migrant communities etc)
  • Seeking out potential partner organisations to increase returnee community awareness of the app.
  • Advising on any challenges and opportunities for effective offline engagement
  • Seeking out opportunities to amplify social media influencers as well as potential partner organisations to share our content;
  • Providing translation services or proofreading services as requested
  • Providing field research activities as requested
  • Liaise with the Strategic Communications Lead and Project Manager to ensure project implementation is aligned with project targets and expectations. This includes attending weekly online video conference meetings, and frequent communication via online channels and via telephone.
  • Attend online and in-person training sessions when required
  • Undertake other related monitoring and evaluation tasks as required by the project.

How to Apply

On or before 20 May 2023, complete our online application form by clicking Apply button below. Before you start, you should do the following:

  1. Confirm you meet the minimum requirements
  2. Prepare a CV in Word or PDF format. You will upload this in the application form.

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