Request for Proposals – A mobile and web app for returned Overseas Filipino Workers
(Deadline: 2 August 2022)

Seefar is a social enterprise with a mission to work with vulnerable people to build a better future. We specialise in justice, migration and social inclusion. Our expertise is in strategic communications, counselling, consulting, monitoring and evaluation, and research. We work in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Seefar has just launched a new project with the aim of developing an Android mobile app and a web app to help migrant workers who have recently returned to the Philippines reintegrate into the workplace. 

To achieve this goal, Seefar will develop a multilingual android mobile and web application (“the app”) that will host a Learning Management System (LMS), through which our beneficiaries will be able to access a wide range of short courses and to improve their personal and professional development in both English and Tagalog. Users will also be able to access information, resources and share reintegration tips in forums. 

The app will have a functional and attractive user interface on Android mobile devices and will also function well when accessed from a desktop, and a web browser app of a mobile device. The app will serve over 5000 users in the Philippines who will mostly access the application from an Android mobile device. A smaller percentage of users will access the web browser application of an iOS mobile device or PC, and Administrators will access from a PC.

The LMS will have an admin area which will likely only be accessed from a PC. In this area, Seefar staff will be able to administer the content available for users and organise the courses. They will be able to upload new content and remove old content. They will also be able to administer content on the notice board and forum. The app should also be multilingual, supporting both English and Tagalog.

App feature requirements

The app must be able to comply with the following feature requirements:

  • Take the branding guidelines for the app and incorporate them into the app UI;
  • Create a multilingual user interface supporting both English and Tagalog for now, that can be changed manually by the user before entering the app;
  • Allow the user to create an account after choosing the language;
  • Create a platform that will replicate the features and user journeys listed;
  • Create a platform with a user friendly UX/UI;
  • Create a platform that is able to support and display PDF documents, quizzes, surveys, videos and written content within the app;
  • Create a solution for a small number of users with intermittent internet access;
  • Allow Administrators to send users notifications in the admin area. 


To be eligible for consideration, you must: 

1. Have a QA testing team available to revise all aspects of the platform, and carry out bug identification and fixing before delivery to Seefar.

2. Have high UI/UX design capabilities relevant to mobile and web applications. 

3. Demonstrate gross revenue exceeding USD 45,000 in your last two financial years.

4. Be able to meet the deadline set out for the project (see key dates below). 

Key dates for this RFP 

The following are indicative dates to help you prepare: 

26th July 2022Last day to submit questions
2nd August 2022Close of proposal submissions
27th July 2022Last day to respond to clarifying questions on your proposal (if any)
6th August 2022Notification to the preferred provider and start due diligence with the preferred provider
8th August 2022Expected contract signature
1st January 2023Expected beginning of app testing stage
29th June 2023Expected launch of final app (post-testing state)


Seefar will evaluate responses on value for money as follows: 

Criteria Description Weighting
Gross revenue exceeding USD 45,000 in your last two financial years Pass/Fail
Evidence of effective internal quality assurance processes 25%
Relevance and quality of reference sites and mobile apps 25%
Quality of analysis in the proposal 20%
Price 20%
Dates for delivery 10%

How to Submit 

You will need to prepare these documents before you use the form: 

1. A proposal following the template available here.

2. Your last two years of financial statements showing gross revenues of more than USD 45,000 in each year. Your Income Statements or P&L reports are sufficient. 

3. As a separate document, a budget in USD.

You must send these documents by email to [email protected] before the 2nd August 5pm CET to be considered as part of this process, with the header: ‘Proposal: App for Filipino Migrant Workers’. 


A standard Services Agreement will be executed between Seefar and the selected supplier. Prices and payments will be in USD. 

Seefar reserves the right to award any proposals, to reject any and all proposals in whole or in part, and to waive any informality or technical defects if, in Seefar’s sole judgement, the best interests of Seefar will be served. Seefar assumes no responsibility or liability for costs incurred by suppliers in preparing a response to this RFP. 


Questions on this RFP can be emailed to [email protected] with the subject line “Migrant workers app RFP question”. We will attempt to answer within two business days. 


Seefar’s responsibilities: 

● Develop and manage content for the app 

● Provide a branding and style guide 

● Maintaining a server for the application

● Promoting user downloads and user engagement 

Your primary responsibility is the coding and configuration of an android mobile and web app which hosts a Learning Management System (LMS) able to support a wide range of short courses. The app will allow Users to access courses, forums and a notice board in both English and Tagalog, and for Administrators to manage content available for Users. The app will have a supporting server application providing the following capabilities: 

● A user management bundle for two roles: User and Administrator. Users will be able to create their own accounts. Users require an email address, a phone number and will generate their own password on the app. Administrators will have accounts hosted by Google. Login for Administrators will require 2-factor authentication. 

● Enable image, quiz, survey and text content within the app (a quiz being a questionnaire with predetermined answers, a survey being a questionnaire with no predetermined answers)

● The app will allow Administrators to create pop-up questionnaires for Users in the form of both quizzes and surveys 

● The app will host a LMS on the server that allows Administrators to create, edit and delete video, image, quiz, survey and text content, which is then available in the app to Users

● The app will allow Users to enrol themselves in the courses available to them, but it will also allow Administrators to hide courses from certain users or groups of users

● The app will support both English and Tagalog for now. We should have the ability to add other languages at a later date and there should be no hardcoded strings. The app UI will allow users to select between languages before entering the app. If a new language is selected, the app would prompt for an internet connection allowing it to sync for content in that language

● The app will have a rewards system whereby Users who complete a module will receive points, and Users that complete a course will receive a trophy. Total points and trophies for the User will be displayed on every page of the app

● The app will allow for the visualisation by Administrators of the quiz and survey results of individual Users on a dashboard

  • Upon completion of a course, Users will be able to generate certificates in PDF and PNG format in English. Users will be able to customise certificates and select the completed course that they would like to generate the certificate for. Users will be able to select multiple courses and modules to be included on their certificate. Certificates generated will show the following information:
    • Name of User
    • Courses completed
    • Modules 
    • Date of completion
  • The app will require Users to log in. It will allow them to stay logged in for 90 days and then require them to authenticate again. It will support password reset via a new temporary password sent to their email address, then require them to set a new password. 

● Around 10% of Users may have intermittent internet access. The app will therefore provide a solution for these Users, for example, to be able to store app course content on mobile devices to allow for users with intermittent internet access to download materials and access them in offline mode

● The app will have a reporting bundle on the server that includes the following:

  • Total User Accounts per language.
  • Views per content per language.
  • Content completion per User.
  • Content views per User.
  • Responses to pop-up questionnaires per User.
  • Most active accounts per language (views per account).
  • Inactive accounts per language (no use in the last 90 days).
  • Quiz results in total and per User.
  • Survey results in total and per User.
  • A dashboard that automatically updates daily with information from the reporting bundle that can be accessed by Administrators, and from which customised CSV files can be exported
  • The application will also support a User notifications system that will allow Administrators to send notifications to:
    • Specific groups of users according to their location, the last time they logged on and language
    • Broad groups of users

To support the application roll-out, you will also provide: 

● Written instructions in English on user management, content management, language management and reporting. 

● Support to migrate, configure and test the application on a server maintained by Seefar. 

● Be available for questions, answers and troubleshooting for 6 months after launch. 

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