UK diaspora migration Research

In 2016, Seefar carried out a large-scale research with Syrians, Sudanese, Afghans, Eritreans, Iranians, and Iraqis recently arrived in the United Kingdom. The aim of the research was to understand the potential for working with and through the UK diaspora in order to communicate with migrants intending to travel to the UK and those in transit.

We conducted 900 surveys and compared the responses between the nationalities. Thematically, we focused  on the journey, its risks and dangers, life in neighbouring countries (Jordan, Lebanon, Ethiopia etc.), and the expectations of life in the UK versus the reality. The results showed clear areas where intervention would improve conditions and expand the options available to these nationalities.

Seefar hopes to use this research to share information and ‘keep safe’ messages to those preparing to migrate. This may include the potential risks they may encounter; what they need to know about the ‘rules’ of successful migration and any information which may help them to navigate their journey more safely.

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