Our unique advantage comes from taking the migrant’s perspective – with that insight, we magnify the positive impacts of migration and mitigate the downside for migrants, their families and destination communities.

Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery

From child trafficking to modern slavery among domestic workers to exploitation in the fishing industry, we apply our services to promote better outcomes for low-skilled migrants.


We focus on training and job matching for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Our training combines proven methods of skill-building, counselling and job market expertise to facilitate access to livelihood opportunities for vulnerable individuals.


Our expertise is in creating specialist online and in-person education opportunities that are accessible to teachers, migrants, frontline migrant workers and other learners in low-resource contexts. We work with educators in-country to accelerate the learning of vulnerable people.

Return and Reintegration

We provide returnees with tools and support to build their lives when they return home. We do this by creating tailored interventions that tackle cultural, legal and socioeconomic challenges that impact returnees’ ability to reintegrate into society successfully.

Gender Empowerment

We know how to identify and understand the most vulnerable people’s needs, including women. We design strategic interventions to dismantle barriers. We challenge harmful stereotypes and create an inclusive environment where everyone has the freedom to raise their voices.

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