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Seefar is seeking an experienced Escape Game/Curriculum Developer with complete fluency in Arabic, as well as French or English, for an educational outreach campaign in Morocco on the risks and realities of irregular migration. The campaign will target 13-18 year old students, teachers and parents. 

This is a full time position (40 hours per week). 

Contract duration: 2 months, with an estimated start date of 22 July 2024.

All inclusive fee: 4000 EUR to be paid upon completion of deliverables.


Seefar, in collaboration with local stakeholders such as educators, parents, influencers, and young filmmakers, is leading a campaign to raise awareness about the risks of irregular migration among Moroccan youths aged 13-18. The campaign aims to deliver impactful educational outreach programs to engage 550 teachers and 15,000 students for the school year 2024-2025, equipping them with the knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to navigate migration-related decisions effectively.

Escape Game

As part of this campaign Seefar will develop a 40 minute long escape game for 13-18 year old students to play in class on the topic of irregular migration

Students will be divided into groups of 4 to 6 and provided with a pack (a bag containing all the materials they need to participate in the game).

The game starts with:

"X and Y, two 17-year-olds, have taken a boat from Tangiers to Europe. While they are at sea, a storm brews and their boat starts to take on water. They have a phone to call for help, but they have put it in a locked box to protect it during the crossing and can’t remember the code. Unfortunately, the phone only has 40 minutes of battery life left...

Using the equipment provided, help X and Y find the code to open the box before the phone shuts down.”

The students need to decipher the code to open a box. A booklet will guide them, and help them understand why X and Y are attempting to travel irregularly to Europe, the choices they made, and the risks they took. 

Depending on the games developed, there will be 5 to 8 single digit numbers to decipher in total. The game will be created so that the students can play it alone with little to no support needed from the teacher. The teacher will be able to join different groups to stimulate discussion and provide more insights into a topic and help those that may be struggling.

The first group to open the box will get to select a film on irregular migration to watch in the second part of the class with their teacher. All the students in the class will win booklets on irregular migration to take home. The box will also contain a “fake” phone to wrap up X and Y’s story. 


By the end of the game, students should be able to:

  • Understand the concept of irregular migration.
  • Recognize the risks (physical, financial, psycho-social) associated with irregular migration.
  • Identify safer, legal alternatives to irregular migration (from legal migration paths to local opportunities)
  • Make better-informed decisions about their future (improve students’ media literacy and critical thinking when exposed to false or deceitful information)

Scope of Work

The course developer will receive the course structure, objectives, and key messages from Seefar. Based on this foundation, the developer is expected to:

  • Conduct further research to develop the story line between the two main characters X and Y.
  • Develop 5 to 8 engaging and playful activities aimed at deciphering 5 to 8 sign digit numbers.
  • Produce the necessary materials (images, graphics, etc). Simple, reusable objects can be included in the game.
  • Ensure the materials are culturally relevant, interactive and accessible to Moroccan students aged 13-18.
  • Get quotes and organize for the printing/creation of the finished materials.


The course developer is expected to deliver the following within the two-month timeframe:

  • A detailed escape game scenario with defined outcomes and activities.
  • All necessary materials, including maps, boards, and possible audiovisual tools.
  • A comprehensive teacher's handbook with step-by-step instructions for facilitating the game.

Milestones will be developed with the successful candidate upon signature of the contract.

The escape game will be designed in either English or French, and translated into Classical Arabic.

An Excellent Candidate will be:

  • Be fluent in English or French, and Arabic 
  • Have proven experience in course development for youth.
  • Have experience in gamification of traditional curriculum.
  • Have strong research skills.
  • Have strong writing skills.
  • Have strong graphic design skills.
  • Have a lot of imagination!

To Apply for this role

On or before 11 July 2024, complete our online application form by click on apply button below. Before you start:

You should confirm you meet these minimum requirements:

  • Have 5 years experience working in curriculum development.
  • Have experience developing escape games/gamification of traditional curriculums.
  • Have strong research, writing and graphic design skills.
  • Have excellent computer literacy and access to the internet. Experience with Google Suite would be an advantage. 
  • Have complete fluency in written and spoken Arabic, as well as French or English.

Prepare a CV in PDF format as well as a portfolio showcasing your previous work. You will upload these elements in the online application form.

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