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For vulnerable people to have more opportunities to advance themselves

Who We Are

Our Vision

Our vision is for a world in which vulnerable people have more opportunities to advance themselves.

Our Mission

The purpose of our social enterprise is to work with vulnerable people to build a better future for them.

Our Values

You can read more about the qualities of our work in English, Arabic, Danish, Dari, French, German, Indonesian or Pashto.

Our Themes

These are our areas of expertise, in which we have been working with various organisations and local communities to help vulnerable people.


Our unique advantage comes from taking the migrant’s perspective – with that insight, we magnify the positive impacts of migration and mitigate the downside for migrants, their families and destination communities.

Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery

From child trafficking to modern slavery among domestic workers to exploitation in the fishing industry, we apply our services to promote better outcomes for low-skilled migrants.

Social Inclusion

Our mission is to expand opportunities for marginalized groups to access employment and to promote social mobility. We do this by tackling inequalities and social exclusion.


Climate change and environmental destruction is making the lives of the most vulnerable, even more precarious. Seefar is drawing down carbon and restoring biodiversity through projects that provide opportunities for our beneficiaries.

Public Health

Access to health care and matters of public health shape the way people think and behave in a variety of ways. Seefar is currently at the forefront of public health communication campaigns and innovations

Project Spotlights

As part of many of our projects, Seefar provides psychosocial support to our beneficiaries. Find out more today.


One in two people living in Afghanistan have have experienced depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder, but fewer than 10% are able to access adequate psychosocial support. In response to this, we launched the Salamat Hotline, offering a safe and dependable environment for vulnerable Afghans.

The Migrant Project

Our flagship migration communications campaign The Migrant Project informs potential migrants about the risks of irregular migration and empowers them to make safer and more informed migration decisions, whilst providing them with training and consultations about livelihood alternatives.

Seefar's Livelihoods Hubs

In 2019, 548,607 Afghans returned from neighbouring countries including Iran, Pakistan and Turkey, while 1,445 returned from various European countries. Yet, high rates of unemployment coupled with the psychological impact of return means that returnees struggle to reintegrate into society and risk becoming marginalised.

Where We Work

Our Supporters

We achieve more because we work with good partners. Here are some of them.

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